For us, designing a unique piece of furniture for a specific site or project is the most satisfying challenge. Working on one-of-a-kind design is an amazing opportunity to deepen and experiment with new designs.

Here we present some of our most unique projects, giving a taste of what could be accomplished when using a costumer’s and designer’s passion as a steppingstone.


Vero & Vera for Vera Hotel, Tel-Aviv

After being exposed to our previous works, the boutique Vera Hotel in Tel-Aviv have invited us to take part in designing the interiors of their rooms. Following the hotel’s approach to hospitality, if the lobby is to be bustling and lively, then the rooms should impart a clear sense of serenity and placidity. Inspired by the original design of the Brut side table, in which the top seems to be floating above its frame, we created the Vero & Vera side table and escritoire. The mutual open-mindedness of costumer and creator allowed us to bring those wonderful pieces to life at one of the most attractive hotels in Tel-Aviv.


Based on the geometry of the Framework_02 coffee table, an outdoor dining table was specially designed for the private in Haifa. The most exciting part of this creation, possible due to the right amount of audaciousness on behalf of the client, is the uncoated copper top. When placed outside, the table allows the weather to generate a changing finish, which will eventually create a patina, naturally protecting the exposed metal top.



Schumacher Hotel, Haifa

Inspired by the unique theme of Locally’s design, Malka Architects, responsible for the interiors of the Schumacher Hotel in Haifa, have invited us to join the design of the entrance hall. The hotel fully embraces its locality and tries to capture the true sense of the city; and so, the main wall at the lobby was chosen to present, using the same technique, specific scenes of the urbanity and nature of Haifa. After doing so, the cooperation expanded and allowed more of our pieces into the hotel’s lobby and dining area – the Armchair_01, Mentsh benches and Tisch dining tables.

SNDY Kitchen Island

Tailored to the precise specifications of a young and stylish Tel-Aviv based couple, this one-of-a-kind kitchen island was designed to function both for hosting festive events and for daily usage. The main challenge in the creation of this piece was to produce a perfectly continuous worktop beginning with natural European oak and ending with a polished surface of cast concrete, both levitating above a black steel frame. Due to the high degree of accuracy in our manufacturing process, the unnatural seam between the two materials melts away entirely.

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